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Enjoyment of Life & Sport

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Specialist Hip and Knee Reconstructive Surgery in West Sussex and Hampshire

Mr Lee Taylor, Specialist Hip & Knee Surgery in West Sussex & HampshireThe primary objective of my practice which has evolved over the last 20 years is to provide a high quality personal service to all of my patients, both NHS and Private. The service is based on extensive clinical experience, involvement in prospective audit, clinical governance and supported by active involvement in research and development with a high level of emphasis on evidence based medicine.

It is vitally important to me as a clinician to know all of my patients feel fully informed about there clinical condition and any operation they may require. It is crucial that any patient must have realistic objectives as to what they can expect from their surgery as there are many unrealistic claims in the media and myths passed on by word of mouth. Patients should ensure that all of their questions are answered to their satisfaction.

As a word of caution, a consultation and decision to undergo an operation is a major and stressful event and under these circumstances it is easy to hear only what you want to hear, so another pair of ears can be very helpful!

Overall Vision of Practice

If I go to see a solicitor, an accountant or other professional I have to decide if I trust that persons professional judgement and whether I have a rapport with them. I need to place my trust in them to do the best for me and that is crucial. I believe asking and having your questions answered is absolutely essential but ultimately you have to trust the professional to do what he or she believes is the best for you, a decision for which he or she is responsible and will ultimately be accountable.