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Revision Hip & Knee Replacement

Revision Hip & Knee Replacement

A common question often asked by patients is whether or not if they have a joint replacement it can be redone in the future. It is extremely rare that a hip or knee replacement cannot be revised with the technology available today. Only in rare cases can infection be a contraindication to revision surgery.

Opinion and Philosophy on Revision Hip and Knee Replacement:

Revision joint replacement can be very complex surgery but with advances in technology now produces very good outcomes. A revision operation is carried out most frequently when a primary replacement is loose or "worn out". It can also be undertaken for infection, dislocation or following a fracture after an accident. This surgery can be unpredictable and although there is always a pre operative plan, changes may be necessary during the operation itself.

Opinion and Philosophy on Revision Surgery in cases with infection:

Infection is the most feared complication of joint replacement, for both the patient and the surgeon. This surgery can be carried out all at one time (one stage revision) but it is Mr Taylor's practice to do this as a two stage procedure as he feels the chances of eliminating infection are better (two stage revision). The two stage procedure however is more time consuming for the patient as there can be 6 weeks to 12 weeks between stages. In that time a temporary joint is inserted which is impregnated with high dose antibiotics. The temporary replacement allows mobility with crutches between the two stages.

Hospitalisation and Rehabilitation after Simple Revision Surgery:

The time spent in hospital and the time to recovery depends on the patients ability to walk with crutches and whether they can bear weight or not. In the majority of cases however the inpatient stay is a day or two longer at 5 - 7 days and rehabilitation times are similar unless there are complex surgical issues or complications.